Provided Project Management Services to coordinate the application of over 5000 bags of spray applied fireproofing throughout the entire exisitng SJMC Facility. A tight State mandated schedule and the need to have the entire facility remain open 24/7 required innovative solutions for the management and application of the fire protection system.

Proposed Projects

Architect of Record: KRIKOR Architecture

Designer + Project Architect: Gregory Mason


Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

                 Teton County





KRIKOR Architecture was hired by St. John's Medical Center (SJMC) to take on what some say was one of the most uninteresting but HIGHLY CRITICAL projects in the facilities history.  Wyoming State mandated that recently completed expansion projects of the facility now required the entire existing buildings structure to be spray fireproofed to remain in operation.  We were hired for our Project Management Services to find innovative ways to consolidate a years worth of work into a six month intensive behind the scenes around the clock project.  The biggest challenge was that the solution had to keep the entire facility open and useable 24/7 with no department closures.


The solution involved installing over a mile of temporary Uni-Strut Catwalk that could hang in the Attic above the exisitng suspended ceiling system.  Crews were deployed to apply over 5000 bags of spray fireproofing onto the entire exposed steel structure of metal decking, bar joists and columns.  Temporary mechanical systems needed to be installed and coordinated to provide substantial air changes to help the material cure per specification and to keep odors from migrating to occupied spaces below.  Coordination of Material Testing Inspectors was also mandatory throughout the project timeline.


Life safety of Occupants below and as many as 30 precariously placed crew members above the ceiling was of paramount importance.  Systems were put in place to try and mitigate the threat of a crew member falling through the ceiling systems down to occupied space below.  Hourly communication was required to establish the crew location in relation to patient flow.


This project came in on time, under budget and had $0 change orders.  However the most substantial success was that many daily users of the facility never really knew anything was going on above their heads each day.  Sometimes the most successful projects are COMPLETELY UNNOTICED!




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