The main building entry was not placed facing the public street in order to provide a sense of patient privacy and more of a landscaped court procession to the building.
The building is sited between a residential neighborhood and National Wildlife Elk Refuge.
The lower level contains walk out garden areas and light wells the full length of the building.
Pocket Gardens cascade down to lower patio.
The facility has a drop-in area where patients use the Living Area and Computer Lounge.
Treatment rooms are set up for casual family and child group therapy sessions.

Proposed Projects

Architect of Record: Strout

Designer + Project Architect: Gregory Mason


Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

                 Teton County


Jackson HoleCommunity Counseling Center is a local not for profit organization that was spread out in beaten up rentals throughout the community.  I was first hired to upgrade their facilities.  My analysis quickly proved it would save money by consolidating under one roof.


Most of the project budget was swallowed up acquiring new property in this high dollar resort community. My initial cost estimates showed on site construction costs would yield an 8000sf building which would meet their needs.  I then proposed the idea of doing the first commercial modular building in the region which had cost savings that yielded 10,000sf for the same price.


I worked closely with the Board Directors+Local Regulatory Agencies to assure them that this would be quality design and construction even with the proposed stangle hold project budget. The result was a building they could grow into over time.  The facility has become a hub for the community from which most of the regional Health and Human Services revolve.

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