Combined art studio and residence was gently placed in a high wooded meadow. Protection of the meadow perimeter conserved the natural vegetation while the building was constructed.
Continuous clearstory windows help bring natural light to the building interior on this heavily wooded site. This conserves energy by eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day since trees obscure a lot of the daylight.
The Art Studio has a curved glass wall that extends views to the wooded site. Large built-in storage areas help keep sculpting tools organized. A heated concrete floor brings comfort and is an easy to clean work surface.

Proposed Projects

Architect of Record: Strout

Designer + Project Architect: Gregory Mason


Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

                 Teton County


It is refreshing when the client comes to the table prepared to achieve sustainable design. Certified materials, resource reclamation and on site energy production are all integrated into the conversation during the first moments of the projects program.  Maintaining these ideals at project completion is even more rewarding when there have been no additional costs to the owner above most standard construction practices.


Protection of the existing meadow perimeter conserved the natural vegetation and habitat while the building was constructed.  Vacuum Tube Solar Panels were used to harvest energy for domestic hot water.  Utilities were also roughed in for a residential fuel cell to power the building.  Certified lumber and material finishes were used in addition to environmentaly friendly soy based spray insulation.

Challenge each other to uncover solutions that exceed expectations. Invention can arise from a unique inner vision.


Building materials define the character of spaces.  Stone, wood, metal and glass can be used in an honest way that does not try to replicate or imitate.


Accredited Professional by the U.S. Green Building Council for the LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program.  Bring practical stewardship ideas into every conversation. This always begins with a dialogue about conservation.


ON TIME : ON BUDGET and an efficient path through the planning approval process are common practice for KRIKOR Architecture.  More than these efficiencies are required to make your project a success.

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