Primary Mercill Ave street facade steps back to not overwhelm pedestrian experience
Individual commercial entrances allow for ground floor to have three tenants
Roof deck and corner storefront windows animate pedestrian experience

Proposed Projects

Architect of Record: KRIKOR Architecture

Designer + Project Architect: Gregory Mason


Location: Jackson Hole Wyoming


​This project is local Deed Restricted Workforce Housing that leverages funds to provide condominium units that sell for below Area Median Income and are classified as Affordable Housing per Teton County requirments.  The Ground Floor Level is designed to be Commercial to accomodate a local Non-Profit Organization


The entire project is committed to the community vision that local workforce should reside in the center of Downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming all year long.

Challenge each other to uncover solutions that exceed expectations. Invention can arise from a unique inner vision.


Building materials define the character of spaces.  Stone, wood, metal and glass can be used in an honest way that does not try to replicate or imitate.


Accredited Professional by the U.S. Green Building Council for the LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program.  Bring practical stewardship ideas into every conversation. This always begins with a dialogue about conservation.


ON TIME : ON BUDGET and an efficient path through the planning approval process are common practice for KRIKOR Architecture.  More than these efficiencies are required to make your project a success.

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