Existing aspen trees were used to frame views.
Old two story deck was filled in to allow for an interior expansion and new prominent roof deck.
Steel spiral is used to decend from roof deck to lower patios.
A warm material pallette was used to modernize the Kitchen expansion.
Flush transition of natural materials from stone to wood flooring.
New millwork and appliances redefine the renovated kitchen.
Main work space takes on commanding views to valley below.
Kitchen has wide open access to new roof deck living space.
Kid's bedrooms are full off built-in nooks and storage.
Corner window grabs commanding views of the valley and accents Kid's Reading Nook.

Proposed Projects

Architect of Record: KRIKOR Architecture

Designer + Project Architect: Gregory Mason


Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

                 Teton County


This addition+remodel was driven by the need for a modernized Kitchen and more space in the kid's bedrooms. 


An impractical long narrow two story deck was quickly identified as unused space that had built up clutter and could not be used for entertaining.  The concept called for filling in the void to allow for a main level expansion of a new Kitchen and increased space for the lower level Kid's bedrooms.  New utility spaces such as a Mudroom, Pantry and Laundry were redesigned for better access and function off the Kitchen while visually hiding their location.  


A new main level roof deck was also added in a more prominent corner of the building to take on commanding views of the valley floor and mountain vistas.

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